NEWS ALERT: White Nationalists Have Eight Candidates Running for Public Office

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White Nationalist Movement is Growing

“The white supremacy movement is growing in america.” “You may not see it in your backyard or community but its happening and its spreading like wildfire across the net.”

At least 8 nationalists are running for state or federal office, According to The Southern Poverty Law Center. “The Southen Poverty Law Center does a fantastic job of tracks the activities of hate groups like the Klu Klux Klan, neo-Nazis and other extremist groups.” Stated Florida-based CEO Scott Cooper of Miami. Anti-hate groups have reported that this is in any election recently. MSNBC’s Morgan Radford spoke with White nationalists who are running for federal office this year on the Republican ticket? Plenty of the candidates advocate for racial segregation and are Holocaust deniers.

Arthur Jones, running for His Third Congressional District had been a Member of the American Nazi Party and denies the Holocaust ever happened. Jones said he is campaigning to keep the neighborhoods of Chicago. “Most white men and women want a white neighborhood,” he said. He added that the average IQ of a black man is”about 20 points lower than the IQ of a white man.” He ran uncontested and will be on the Republican ticket in November. “We aren’t scared of Arthur Jones winning the race.” Said Scott Cooper, a Miami Beach, Floridablogger. “We’re concerned that 20,000 Americans with the right to vote think his candidacy is a good idea.”

“Another scary thought is that the candidacy of Patrick Little, the white supremacist candidate running against incumbent Dianne Feinstein in California.” States Scott Cooper of Miami Beach. Little polled at 0% in a recent poll — a huge gap from the 18 percent he received last month, from a survey deemed an anomaly. He’s known for a government”free from Jews.”

During a recent live television interview, Small called the Jewish Community a”monstrous” group and said President Trump relates to individuals who hold similar views by decrying”globalists.” As he stepped on the flag, He then stuffed with pride. “Clearly Patrick Little and others who support him are misguided if they think President Trump retains their view on anti-semitism and racism.” according to Scott Cooper Miami News. ”
“Another misguided racist” said Scott Cooper.


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