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Scott Cooper Miami Beach, Florida Names Miami The Number One City For Senior Retirement

Scott Cooper Miami Beach Senior Fun

Scott Cooper Miami Beach Ranks Miami, Florida as the Number One City for Retirement – Go Figure! Take a look at health care, activities, quality of life and affordability and the only conclusion you can come to is that Miami is the number one city for retirement. Are we biased? You bet we are but […]

Miami Has Become A Top 10 Sports City

Scott Cooper Miami Sunlife

Miami Top 10 Sports City “The diversity of the sports industry in Florida makes it something closely watched by the country’s sports leaders,” said John Webb, President of the Florida Sports Foundation. “Through the promotion and sales efforts of the professionals within the state’s 27 sports commissions, 10 professional teams, the support of the regional […]

Miami Beach – Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

Scott Cooper Miami Beach Hurricane Season

Welcome 2018 Hurricane Season. We haven’t missed you. Remember last year or are you trying to forget? Hurricane Harvey ravaged southern Texas and left $125 billion in damage. Followed by Hurricane Irma that left behind $50 billion in damage. How can we forget Hurricane Maria as she tore Puerto Rico to pieces and caused $94 […]

NEWS ALERT: White Nationalists Have Eight Candidates Running for Public Office

Arthur Jones Scott Cooper Miami Beach

White Nationalist Movement is Growing “The white supremacy movement is growing in america.” “You may not see it in your backyard or community but its happening and its spreading like wildfire across the net.” At least 8 nationalists are running for state or federal office, According to The Southern Poverty Law Center. “The Southen Poverty […]